This is my (in process) page for tracking the bumblings (er… I mean progress) of a number of (so far) unrelated groups of aging malcontents located in the Spinward Marches Sector of the (Pseudo)Official Traveller Universe.
The following groups have thus far made an appearance…

Oath Widow – A mercenary/adventurer band currently working for the Guardians of Squallia.
Pride of the Navy – A retired Imperial naval officer and his stalwart merchant crew.
Sandman’s Harvest – A free trader staffed by barely-making-ends-meet misfits operating in the Jewell Cluster.
Tenalphi High – Chronicling the lives of the if-I-slowed-down-I’d-be-idle rich of the Third Imperium’s showcase space station on the spinward frontier.
Marrik, Nick, and Billy – “Retired” Mercs looking for adventure.
Jelmo and Captain Diablo – Off the beaten track in the Zaibon Belt.

Glorious Perdition

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